Janus, our general purpose WebRTC gateway, is still young but not a toddler anymore: it’s going to be two years old in just a few weeks! There we were, thinking about how to best celebrate this event, when it occurred to us that we actually never designed a logo for it.

You may wonder as to why that happened, considering that’s what most projects work on first. The short answer is: we’re lazy and we’re really bad at graphics! The long answer instead is… well, I guess that’s it, actually. We worked hard on Janus itself, and never really bothered to give it the logo it deserved. But no more!

We’ve given some thought as to how to best represent Janus in a simple way. We eventually decided to make it similar to the Meetecho one (well, what can we say, we do like it!) in the sake of continuity, and then played a bit with fonts for the title itself. You can see the first takes at this effort down below.

But Janus is not only about us, it’s about YOU as well, as it’s the people using it every day that made it greate. What do you think about them? Which one do you like the most? I tend to favour the more “Ancient Rome” looking ones (I am a sucker for the Classic period, after all!), but what do I know!

Share your thoughts and don’t hesitate to hurt our feelings!








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