The IETF meetings are a bit like Christmas after the summer ends. You always think it’s still far away, and instead, suddenly, here it is again! And just like Christmas, an IETF meeting always is an exciting time for us, as it allows us to provide our remote participation services to tons of remote attendees, and experiment on new cool features.

Now, after several meetings we supported in the last years, the time for the IETF meeting in London has finally come. As we speak, we’re working on the setup for recording the Sunday tutorials which, as always, will then appear on the IETF Educational pages.


Of course, the real challenge for us only starts tomorrow. In fact, following the spirit of supporting more and more sessions as the meetings go by, we’ve scheduled support for more than 60 meeting sessions here in London! This is an exciting step for us, as we supported about 40 sessions at the latest IETF 88 in Vancouver, which means we’ve added 50% more to the list.

To make this possible, we’ve worked hard during the last months on improving the platform, both in terms of reliability and scalability, not to mention the fact that the UI has never looked so good… Besides, since we really like experimenting new features and services, the IETF week in London will also be a great opportunity to test some new stuff we’re working on: specifically, we’ve designed human-less ways of supporting meeting sessions, something that we’ll make use of in a few selected sessions here in London, and that will hopefully allow us to seamlessy scale to as many sessions as we need in the future. Considering that this new experiment will be completely WebRTC based, the “eating our own dog food” IETF motto we’ve adopted is as strong as ever!

That said, are you in London yet? Whether you’re coming or planning to attend remotely on Meetecho from the comfort of your couch, see you there!

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