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Janus Licensing

Support and Licensing

Premium support plans and commercial license for Janus®

Janus consulting support and licencing

Consulting activities

Design and implementation of WebRTC products on top of Janus®

Webcast of live events

Streaming of live events

Stream your live event to the world and let people participate remotely

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Lorenzo Miniero

Co-founder & Chairman

Tobia Castaldi

Co-founder & CEO

Alessandro Amirante

Co-founder & CTO

Simon Pietro Romano

Co-founder & RTC Evangelist

Danilo De Mari


Paolo Saviano

Full Stack Developer

Alessandro Toppi

Software Engineer

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Meetecho was born in 2009 as an official academic spin-off of the University of Napoli Federico II. Yes, we're proudly brewed in sunny Napoli! Since Day One we've been working hard on real-time multimedia applications over the Internet, ranging from VoIP to more advanced applications based on top of the emerging WebRTC technology.

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