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Our services range from multimedia products to consulting.

Use Meetecho for all your collaboration needs: whether you just need a web conference ready to be used, or want to webcast an event to a high number of people, Meetecho is suited for the purpose! Use it as a SaaS, deploy it on the cloud or in-house.

Worried about moving your existing applications to WebRTC, or want to do something new and exciting that involves WebRTC somehow? Thanks to our modular Janus WebRTC gateway we can do that as well, so just get in touch!

Do you need something that is not listed here, or just want more info?

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Web Conferencing

Work with your team wherever you are, communicating, sharing slides, drawing sketches and so on with ease!



Perfect for dissemination, e-learning or whenever you want several people to attend an event in real-time!


WebRTC Gateway

With our brand new Janus WebRTC Gateway, you can build complex multimedia applications using different features in a breeze!