FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Meetecho is a startup founded by a few researchers, post-docs and Ph.Ds coming from the Universty of Napoli Federico II. We've been working on real-time multimedia applications over the Internet for years, and at one point we decided to try and make products out of our research efforts.

Check the About page for more info about us.

We're being asked that a lot! We've heard so many variants and different pronounciations of the name that we could make a book out of it! When we chose the name, we wanted it to sound like this, which means awesome! in Italian. The extra H was a mistake on our side, as obviously echo is pronouced differently than eco!

Long story short, it doesn't really matter how you pronounce it: just do it and help us be famous! :-)

Nothing at all! Our services are completely web-based, and the same applies for audio and video support, which is based on the innovative standard WebRTC.

On the client side, whatever you want! Everything is web based, so it will just work whether you're using Windows, Mac OS or any flavour of Linux.

If you're interested in deploying Meetecho on the server side, it's all based on Linux.

Since Meetecho is web- and WebRTC-based, any compliant browser will work. Chrome for Android, for instance, does support WebRTC even on mobile phones. We also have a native Android application. We're working on a better native support for other devices as well.
You most definitely can! Everything that happens in a Meetecho session can be stored and replayed later on just as if you were there. For a quick preview, have a look at the recordings we usually provide for the IETF Meetings.
Of course, just contact us and tell us your requirements.
Absolutely! Whether it's just for customizations to the existing products, or because you need some specific solution to your problems, good chances are that we can help you. Feel free to contact us and tell us what it's all about.