About us Meet the Team!

Welcome to 'Meetecho'

We're glad you're here! Meetecho was born in 2009 as an official acamedic spin-off of the University of Napoli Federico II. Yes, we're proudly brewed in sunny Napoli!

Since Day One we've been working hard on real-time multimedia applications over the Internet, ranging from VoIP to more advanced applications like web conferencing, streaming, WebRTC and so on. Whether you need a ready solution, or consulting on something that suits your specific requirement, we're there for you!

Lorenzo Miniero COB

Runner, cyclist, comedian, guitarist: Lorenzo is none of these things, but he tries hard! Besides, he is constantly bothering his contacts with tons of posts and tweets, which is kind of weird considering he's not much of a talker. He is the WebRTC and Android expert of the team.

Tobia Castaldi CEO

Tobia loves the sea, and whenever he can he jumps on his boat to go fishing in his beloved Ischia (a word of advice: don't mention Capri when he's in the room!). If this ends with a spaghetti with clams prepared there, even better! He's the XMPP and UI expert of the team.

Alessandro Amirante CTO

Weirdly mistaken for a famous actor more than once (which one? who knows!), Alex has two columns of faith: SSC Napoli and his newborn baby! Who incidentally was wearing branded SSC Napoli slippers two days after he was born. Alex is the Systems expert of the team.

Simon Pietro Romano VoIP Evangelist

Simon loves to share, and you can easily tell whenever you attend one of his courses at the University, follow him on Twitter, or just listen to him talking about whatever comes to his mind! Simon is the network expert of the team, and the Meetecho evangelist.

Danilo De Mari Financial

A true forge of ideas, Danilo is a technology enthusiast and is constantly brainstorming ideas and solutions in several different contexts. The fact that he's the lookalike of Napoli's Mayor De Magistris is just a happy coincidence! Danilo is the stategic and financial backbone of Meetecho.

Paolo Saviano Web Architect

A just apparently mean-looking Viking who inexplicably landed on Southern shores, Paolo is actually a kind and gentle giant, as long as you don't deprive him of his cigarettes that is! And as long as that keeps him relaxed, it works for us. Paolo is the web architect of the team.

Alessandro Toppi Web Developer

Alessandro immediately impressed us for his skills and for being very precise. So precise you might call him pedant... and we do! Since we already have an Alex in the team, and we don't like feeling confused, we decided to call him “PedAle” instead. Alessandro is the node.js expert of the team.